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The End of Theology: Shaping Theology for the Sake of Mission

The End of Theology

Shaping Theology for the Sake of Mission

Jason S. Sexton (Editor), Paul Weston (Editor)


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Missiologists and theologians do not often talk to each other, which has resulted in increased ignorance of each other’s questions and concerns about how to do theology in ways that effectively serve the Church’s mission. Under the auspices of the Tyndale Fellowship Christian Doctrine study group, a colloquium of distinguished scholars and practitioners recently gathered at the University of Cambridge.

This volume, arising out of that symposium, begins hard conversations that have been waiting to happen. Each participant brings a particular perspective to questions about the nature of theology and how it is most meaningfully constructed so as to offer a truly interdisciplinary perspective on theology and mission. It highlights perspectives of contextual theology and systematic theology, as well as missiology and mission studies, world Christianity and historical inquiry, biblical studies and missional hermeneutics, ethnography, pastoral practice, and social justice. It also pays keen attention to matters on the ground with a profound desire to relate questions of evangelical identity – including ministry practice and mission – to the wider tradition. In short this volume sets out to model the kind of engagement required by both Church and Academy to do theology for mission. 

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506405919
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  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 327
  • Publication Date October 1, 2016



Section 1—Theology and Mission in Dialogue
1. A Missional Approach to Scripture for the Theological Task
2. Widening the Frame on Redemption History
3. More Scripture, Please!
4. Past-Embracing, Dynamically-Present, Future-Oriented
5. Doing Theology for the Church’s Mission
6. A Theology of Culture for the Missionary Task

Section 2—Assessing the Shape of Theology and Mission in Dialogue
7. Theology, Bible, and Mission
8. Doing Theology for the Church’s Mission
9. Seeing and Believing
10. A Confessing Evangelical Theology for Dynamic Public Spaces

Section 3—The Practice of Shaping Theology for Mission
11. The Widening of Christian Mission
12. Embodiment as Social Healing between the Church and
LGBT Community
13. Pioneering Mission for the Church’s Theology
14. Adopting a New Theological Paradigm for Doing Theology for the Church’s Mission



"The End of Theology not only overcomes the chasm between theology and mission or missiology but also revitalizes the theological and dogmatic tradition from a missiological perspective. Even for those who believe the telos for theology remains to be adjudicated, the argument has to go through, not around, the mission of God. The voices in this book facilitate such discussion in unanticipated and invigorating ways even as they empower theologically robust Christian witness in a complex 21st century."

Amos Yong | Fuller Theological Seminary