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The Holy One in Our Midst: An Essay on the Flesh of Christ

The Holy One in Our Midst

An Essay on the Flesh of Christ

James R. Gordon (Author)


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The Holy One in Our Midst: An Essay on the Flesh of Christ aims to defend the doctrine of the extra Calvinisticum—the doctrine that maintains the Son of God was not restricted to the flesh of Christ during the incarnation—by arguing that it is logically coherent, biblically warranted, catholically orthodox, and theologically useful. It shows that none of the standard objections are devastating to the extra, that the doctrine is rooted in the claims of Christian Scripture and not merely a remnant of perfect being philosophical theology, and that the doctrine plays an important role in contemporary theological discussion. In this way, James Gordon revives an important Catholic doctrine that has fallen out of favor in contemporary theology. Also, this project aims to integrate biblical, philosophical, and systematic theology by showing that the tools and methods of each distinct discipline can contribute to the goals and aims of the others. 

  • Publisher Fortress Press
  • Format Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781506408347
  • eBook ISBN 9781506408354
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 258
  • Publication Date July 1, 2016


"Here, James R. Gordon presents a clearly written, precisely argued, and compelling case for a crucial yet neglected aspect of the doctrine of the Incarnation. His appropriation of analytic tools while attending carefully to Scripture and the dogmatic tradition offers a promising model for others to follow."

Daniel J. Treier | Wheaton College

“Is Christ restricted to his flesh? Does he continue to uphold the universe whilst incarnate? This nodal theological issue is once more the subject of serious theological scrutiny. James R. Gordon's analytic-theological study offers a clear, well-argued, and compelling case for the doctrine that will be required reading for all those working on constructive accounts of the person and work of Christ. Highly recommended."

Oliver D. Crisp | Fuller Theological Seminary

"The doctrine of the so-called 'extra Calvinisticum' is largely dismissed and even forgotten in many theological quarters even while being fiercely debated in others. In this book, James R. Gordon renders a two-fold service: he shows how this doctrine is important and thus why it should not be neglected, and he contributes to the debates by offering theological analysis as well as an erudite and provocative defense of it."  

Thomas H. McCall | Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"That 'the Word became flesh' lies at the heart of Christian confession, theology, and celebration (Christmas) alike. Yet, despite the incarnation’s ancient doctrinal pedigree, questions remain. The virtue of James R. Gordon's The Holy One in Our Midst is its ability to investigate further, and clarify, this essential mystery without rendering it non-mysterious. It does so by explaining that Benjamin of Christian doctrines, the extra Calvinisticum, with a refreshing blend of analytic and a theology of retrieval. Gordon argues convincingly that the Son's existence beyond the pale of his flesh is not a bizarre appendix to Christology but an essential part of its conceptual grammar, and one that is more deeply biblical that many theologians have realized."

Kevin J. Vanhoozer | Trinity Evangelical Divinity School