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God and Cosmology: William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll in Dialogue

God and Cosmology

William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll in Dialogue

Robert B. Stewart (Editor)


The question of God and cosmology is far from abstract. In fact, the subject raises the deepest questions of human existence: "Why is there something rather than nothing?" Or, to put it more personally, "Why am I here?"

Structured as a debate, the 2014 Greer-Heard Forum focused on the issue of God and cosmology and its impact on life and self-understanding. Christian philosopher William Lane Craig and atheist cosmologist Sean Carroll presented their views before a packed crowd of more than nine hundred people. Spirited, civil, and often humorous, the debate highlighted not only their positions, but the full range of possibilities.

In this volume, the content of that debate is reprinted and supplemented by a range of reflections by other conference presenters. 

The purpose of the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum is to provide a venue for fair-minded dialogue on subjects of importance in religion and culture. The goal is a respectful exchange of ideas, without compromise.

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  • Pages 240
  • Publication Date April 1, 2016



1. What’s at Stake When We Debate God and Cosmology?—Robert B. Stewart
2. God and Cosmology: The Existence of God in Light of Contemporary Cosmology—William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll
3. Cosmology, Theology, and Meaning—Tim Maudlin
4. The Fine-Tuning for Discoverability—Robin Collins
5. How Physics Fakes Design and Makes Things Difficult for Theism—Alex Rosenberg
6. Cosmology and Cosmologists with the "Does God Exist" Problem: A Consideration of Kalam's Second Premise—James D. Sinclair
7. Concluding Comments—William Lane Craig, Sean Carroll, Tim Maudlin, Robin Collins, Alex Rosenberg, and James D. Sinclair