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A Documentary History of Lutheranism: Volumes 1 and 2

A Documentary History of Lutheranism

Volumes 1 and 2

Mark A. Granquist (Editor), Eric Lund (Editor)


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This unique collection of excerpts from Lutheran historical and theological documents—many translated here for the first time—presents readers with a full picture of how the Lutheran movement developed in its thought and practice.

The editors’ judicious selections and helpful introductions acquaint readers with both the enduring characteristics and changing features of this revolutionary Christian movement, always with an eye to how it affected and was experienced by ordinary people. Volume one covers the period from the Reformation to the rise of Pietism. Volume Two analyzes the evolution of post-Enlightenment Lutheranism as it spreads to all the regions of the world.

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  • ISBN 9781506416649
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  • Pages 816
  • Publication Date December 1, 2017


Review of Reading Religion (AAR)


Accessible and relevant.

Offering a panorama of Lutheranism’s resilience and growth over the last five hundred years, this book engages readers with the pulse of Lutheranism’s most significant leaders and their responses to movements such as the Enlightenment, industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and globalization. Lund’s and Granquist’s introductions to each chapter provide a context for each of the selected readings and so make them accessible and relevant. Effective church leaders know their family history. They find it to be a source of strength and encouragement. As Lutherans anticipate their continuing mission in the world, this volume will well serve such leaders, as well as anyone interested in Lutheranism’s historical depth and global breadth.  

Mark Mattes | Grand View University, Des Moines

Lund has captured the voices of the Lutheran tradition.

"Lund has captured the voices of the Lutheran tradition – and some of its critics and conversation partners – in succinct and telling citations that bring readers into the various currents and concerns that shaped the public life of Luther and his followers over the generations. With clear, helpful, and perceptive commentary, Lund’s introductions set the frame for readers to digest the sound bites and perspectives of leading figures in and around the Lutheran churches, giving readers a sense of an ecclesiastical culture that extends over five centuries and has moved around the world."

Robert Kolb | Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

An invaluable resource for students and scholars.

“Refining and expanding his splendid collection of documents, Eric Lund employs his extensive understanding of the Lutheran tradition to take readers far beyond the usual canonical texts and figures. The remarkable breadth and careful curation of these materials make this an invaluable resource for students and scholars who seek to explore the richness and diversity of Lutheran thought and life.” 

Jonathan Strom | Candler School of Theology

A broad and fascinating survey of the Lutheran movement.

"Lund provides a broad and fascinating survey of the Lutheran movement that does much more than describe the theological genius of Luther. This book provides evidence not only of the theological insights that animated this movement but also of the practical measures that rooted it among ordinary people and ensured its survival and flourishing. One finds here examples of the resources – sermonic, hymnic, and devotional among others - used by pastors and laity to ground a distinctive Lutheran way of being Christian. Here one sees evidence too of the ecclesiastical measures that helped shape the reformation and subsequent Lutheran expressions. Lund recognizes that to understand the Lutheran movement one must employ a variety of perspectives, appreciating diverse manifestations and responses to challenges as well as the central unifying theological insights. Lund’s work encourages multifaceted exploration of Lutheran history in particular and this era more generally."

Mary Jane Haemig | Luther Seminary

This collection provides a valuable focus on the experiences of Lutherans after Luther.

“From the first stages of Luther’s reform movement to the spread of Lutheranism across Europe, this volume sheds light on key issues in Lutheran history and theology. In addition to engaging fascinating works of theology, readers will encounter the practical reasons why people cared about the reform of church and society in their time. This collection also provides a valuable focus on the experiences of Lutherans after Luther, especially during the seventeenth century. This volume will be useful for individuals, discussion groups, and classes who want to explore primary sources about the Reformation and consider its impact on modern life.”

Martin Lohrmann | Wartburg Seminary

An important step toward a full history of Lutheranism.

“In this second collection of documents, Lund and Granquist conduct us through several centuries and regions. They have selected significant texts from theology, biblical scholarship, worship and devotional life, and social engagement. These together with their informative introductions shine light upon the Lutheran Reformation as on-going. In doing so, they take an important step toward a full history of Lutheranism in its birthplace and where it spread through migration or mission.” 

L. DeAne Lagerquist | St. Olaf College