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Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century

Future Faith

Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century

Wesley Granberg-Michaelson (Author)


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In Future Faith: Ten Challenges Reshaping Christianity in the 21st Century author Wesley Granberg-Michaelson provides a lucid view of how the top ten winds of change blowing through global Christian faith are reshaping the practice of Christianity today. He is uniquely qualified to identify and interpret connection points between global Christian trends and the American church.

Drawing on the stories, examples, and personalities of pastors and congregations from throughout the United States, as well as those from Africa, Asia, Latin America, who are the faces of Christianity’s future, Future Faith is designed to inform and empower followers of Jesus to seek new ways of becoming the face of Christ to a rapidly changing world.

Leaders and practitioners in church growth, renewal, and planting will be a primary audience for this book. Students of religion from Catholic, evangelical, Pentecostal, and historic Protestant streams will find this book an informative and stimulating resource for pondering together the future of their faith. Small groups engaged in congregational nurture and growth will find in the author a welcome companion for guiding them through the multicultural landscape of contemporary faith. 

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  • ISBN 9781506433448
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  • Pages 261
  • Publication Date March 23, 2018


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Check out Wes's recent lecture on Future Faith at Western Seminary! 


Selected as a 2019 Top Ten Book for Parish Ministry


Ten fundamental ways the global church could help save the American church.

"This is an extraordinary book–about the hopeful future of the global church and whether the American church wants to be part of that. It demonstrates that we are at a linchpin in Christian history. After hundreds of years of the church’s domination by white Western culture, the majority of Christians are now people of color in the global south. Their theology and lived faith is fundamentally different than the narcissistic American bubble of church that is less and less relevant to its society, gets less and less interest from young people, and has less and less members in its churches. But here is the good news, the global body of Christ is the most racially and culturally diverse human community on the face of the planet. And their Christian witness could literally transform the American churches if we were to listen to them. Wes Granberg-Michaelson offers us ten fundamental ways the global church could help save the American church."

Rev. Jim Wallis | President and Founder, Sojourners

Listen for the call of the Spirit in these stories. Be not afraid. Embrace this moment of transformation.

"Few guides to the future of faith are as trustworthy as Wesley Granberg-Michaelson. This book is filled with wisdom drawn from a lifetime of experience and a heart of passion for the love and justice proclaimed by Jesus. Think of these ten challenges as an invitation to a more faithful way of being church. Listen for the call of the Spirit in these stories. Be not afraid. Embrace this moment of transformation."

Diana Butler Bass | author of Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks

Few people have the rare combination of experience, courage, research skills, and humility to say all that Wes offers us here.

"Few people have the rare combination of experience, courage, research skills, and humility to say all that Wes offers us here. He is sure to console everybody and upset a few folks too. Among many other good things, he recognizes what our individualistic society no longer does. We need to be involved in mediating, mid-level institutions, to make any sustained difference in our world. The lone person might feel enlightened and holy, but they have limited effect on those around him–until they connect. Keep us connecting, Wes!"

Richard Rohr, O.F.M. | Center for Action and Contemplation

A wonderfully informative book.

"Future Faith is a wonderfully informative book about big changes that are happening in the life and mission of the church--with more changes to come! But this is also an inspiring and encouraging book, with wise and inspiring insights into what we can and must do to remain faithful to God's work of renewal in the world. Future Faith disturbed me as it informed me. But, thank God, it also gave me new hope! 

Richard Mouw | President Emeritus, Fuller Seminary

'Future Faith' is simply mandatory.

"The forces shaping world Christianity are multi-racial, multi-cultural and non-Western. Future Faith presents them in highly readable chapters spanning every major short and long-term trend. While the scope and content offer something for everyone, for white Christianity in the U. S., whether evangelical or (formerly) mainline, Future Faith is simply mandatory. Take, learn, discuss, and make plans."

Larry Rasmussen | Union Theological Seminary

A prophetic call to U.S. churches.

Future Faith is a prophetic call to U.S. churches not only to survive but also thrive, by consistently challenging the readers to look beyond their immediate horizons, geographically and ecclesiastically, to grasp racial developments through the creative and sometimes unfamiliar work of the Holy Spirit.”

Wonsuk Ma | Oral Roberts University

A refreshingly new perspective on current developments, contours and dynamics of world Christianity.

"In the Future Faith Wesley Granberg-Michaelson offers a refreshingly new perspective on current developments, contours and dynamics of world Christianity. The case he makes that Christianity is experiencing dynamic growth, especially through its non-Western pneumatic forms, with that change bringing “fresh spiritual vitality and relevant social impact” together with the challenge for Christians in the West not to be locked into a parochial story of gradual demise but be liberated by a glorious story of restoration of new life into the church is a very compelling one. The combination of real experiential narratives with solid academic evidence in the volume makes this work a truly remarkable one for the church, theologians and ordinary readers with interest in the study of world Christianity today."

Rev. J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu | Trinity Theological Seminary, Accra, Ghana

Wes Granberg-Michaelson’s thoughtful, curious, and pastoral heart shines through.

"Wes Granberg-Michaelson’s thoughtful, curious, and pastoral heart shines through in Future Faith. His wisdom and deep care for the universal church are clear. He throws his arms wide open, calling us toward inclusion and nudging us toward nuance. He urges us to faithfully reimagine what it means to witness to God’s good news in an era of polarization and change. He summons us to love."

Jeff Chu | Author, 'Does Jesus Really Love Me?'