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Torah Old and New: Exegesis, Intertextuality, and Hermeneutics

Torah Old and New

Exegesis, Intertextuality, and Hermeneutics

Ben Witherington III (Author)


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Reading the books of the Law, the Pentateuch, in their original context is the crucial prerequisite for reading their citation and use in later interpretation, including the New Testament writings, argues Ben Witherington III. Here, he offers pastors, teachers, and students an accessible commentary on the Pentateuch, as well as a reasoned consideration of how these books were heard and read in early Christianity. By reading “forward and backward,” Witherington advances the scholarly discussion of intertextuality and opens a new avenue for biblical theology.

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  • ISBN 9781506433516
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  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 464
  • Publication Date May 1, 2018


Tabula Gratulorum
Preface: Laying Down the Law
1. The “Law” by the Numbers and Its Influence in Early Judaism
2. The Genesis of It All
3. The Exodus and the Entrance
4. Cracking the Levitical Code and Counting Up the Numbers
5. Deuteronomy and the Demise of Moses
6. Coda: Final Reflections
Appendix A: Citations, Allusions, and Echoes of the Pentateuch in the New Testament, according to Nestlé-Aland 28
Appendix B: A Review of Adam and the Genome
Appendix C: Ascending Enoch, or Jesus and Falling Spirits 


 A sweeping and illuminating new perspective.

"In the history of Christian theology, it is hard to imagine a question more fundamental, and often more divisive, than the relationship between Old and New Testaments, between Law and Gospel. With profound scholarly insight, and grounded in thorough knowledge of the latest research and writing, Ben Witherington III offers a sweeping and illuminating new perspective on these questions. The resulting work tells us much about the Old Testament, but also sheds massive and surprising light on the New. It is difficult to imagine a scholar so informed that she or he could not benefit from reading this book. At the same time, it has so much to offer the interested non-specialist. Every page offers rich food for thought!"

Philip Jenkins | Baylor University

Witherington's Christocentric approach to the “old” law will continue to incite dialogue.

"Witherington’s convivial writing style will attract a wide readership to this next installment of his “old and new” series. His Christocentric approach to the “old” law will continue to incite dialogue and his explanation of the “new” law will be a help to readers of the New Testament."

Bill T. Arnold | Asbury Theological Seminary

I’ve learned much from this well-conceived study.

“Completing his trilogy of exploring intertextuality in the Psalms, Isaiah, and now the Torah, this volume puts Witherington’s impressive command of the biblical documents and their backgrounds on full display. While I don’t agree with all of his proposals, I’ve learned much from this well-conceived study.” 

Andreas J. Köstenberger | Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary