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This work offers a series of theological explorations of themes not usually addressed in standard treatments of the Hindu tradition. Rambachan's retrieval of these distinctive insights of Hindu theology has implications that extend across the world's religions, and that touches upon key areas of mutual interest and concern. Beginning with a general introduction to the Hindu theological tradition, the book examines several key issues in Hindu theology and its engagement with contemporary religious, social, political, and inter-faith questions, including the theological methods employed in the study of Hinduism, the discernment of vocation, the theological grounds for social justice in the Hindu tradition, religion and nationalism, violence and non-violence, theological resources for interreligious dialogue (especially among Hindus and Christians), hospitality and openness to the stranger, and spirituality and holiness.

In exploring these issues, this study draws deeply from Hindu authoritative sources, but does not limit itself to description. Each chapter is also a work in constructive theology, offering an interpretation of the Hindu tradition appropriate for life in our contemporary world. Essays in Hindu Theology will be of great interest not only to theologians and scholars, but to all who are invested in interreligious understanding and theological engagements with modern challenges.

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  • Publication Date November 5, 2019