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Tough Questions, Honest Answers: Faith and Religion for 21st-Century Explorers

Tough Questions, Honest Answers

Faith and Religion for 21st-Century Explorers

Cameron Harder (Author)


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In Tough Questions, Honest Answers, Christian theologian Cameron Harder explores pressing contemporary challenges to religion--from religion itself to modern "big ideas" that often confound thoughtful seekers.

Asking, "Is it good to believe in God?" he examines some of the social costs and benefits of religious commitment. Issues addressed include religion and violence, religion and child sexual abuse, mystery and miracle, the compatibility of science and faith, and God's role when bad things happen. Harder also reflects on whether there is room for faith and religion in the twenty-first century and shares his own reasons for claiming the Christian faith.

Tough Questions, Honest Answers is an excellent conversation starter for inquirers, skeptics, and faithful doubters. Young parents who are wondering how to nurture their child's spirituality and older readers who want to re-think their faith in light of what they've learned about the world over the decades will appreciate Cameron Harder's forthright, accessible discussion.

Harder strives in this book to be personally honest with the questions he raises, to push past common platitudes and propaganda others offer in response to them. He acknowledges, "I'm an explorer too--looking for a clearer view of what religion could be, and should not be, for my children and grandchildren."

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  • Publication Date May 5, 2020


"Harder has written an open, honest, and accessible response to the tough questions of faith and religion in our time. It is a must-read for both the faith enquirer and the religious veteran seeking a contemporary understanding of the place of faith and religion in our lives and times. Read alone or in a group setting, Tough Questions, Honest Answers is a book many of us have been waiting for."
—Lorne Calvert, Premier of Saskatchewan 2001-2007; Principal, St. Andrew's College 2009-2018

"Harder unabashedly takes on some of the most important criticisms facing religion today, and with energy, grace, and humor invites people on the inside and outside of churches to reflect on the pluses and minuses of embracing and rejecting faith. It is a major contribution to dialogue between and within the pro-religious, low religious, and no religious sectors everywhere."
—Reginald Bibby, Professor, University of Lethbridge

"Harder seeks to engage the increasingly challenging conversations about spirituality, faith, and religion taking place in our society where disillusionment, at times bordering on disgust, with its traditional religious institutions and their leaders runs deep, often driving them away from a nurturing religious life."
—Terry Leblanc, Director of NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community

Table of Contents

1. Why Take on Tough Questions about Religion?
2. Why Bother with Religion? Mystery, Magic, and Miracles
3. Is It Good to Believe in God? Religion and Violence
4. Is It Good to Believe in God? Religion and Child Sexual Abuse
5. It It Good to Believe in God? The Case for Healthy Religion
6. Are Faith and Science Compatible?
7. Where Is God When Bad Things Happen?
8. How Do We Choose a "Good" Religion?
9. Why I Am a Christian
Decision Time: Is There Room for Religion in the Twenty-First Century?
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