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Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families, Second Edition

Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families, Second Edition

Robert H. Albers (Editor), William H. Meller (Editor), Steven D. Thurber (Editor)


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Those who are afflicted as well as those who are adversely affected by mental illness often live lives of "quiet desperation" without recourse to appropriate assistance. Most caregivers confronted with these illnesses in the work of ministry have had no training or accurate information about mental illnesses, so frequently they do nothing, resulting in further harm and damage. Others may operate out of a theological system that does not adequately account for the nature, severity, or treatment of these illnesses. In Ministry with Persons with Mental Illness and Their Families, Second Edition, psychiatrists and pastoral theologians come together in an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort to ensure accuracy of information concerning the medical dimensions of mental illness, interpret these illnesses from a faith perspective, and make suggestions relative to effective ministry. Readers will learn how science and a faith tradition can not only co-exist but work in tandem to alleviate the pain of the afflicted and affected.

  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506457826
  • eBook ISBN 9781506457833
  • Dimensions 6 x 9
  • Pages 250
  • Publication Date December 3, 2019


“Unlike so many other texts on the subject of mental-health treatment, this book bridges the gap between the spiritual and medically trained caregiver with a holistic approach that respects both perspectives for a deeper and more effective outcome.”

Donald Barnhart | Optical Scientist

“This handbook on ministry with those affected by mental illness should be accessible to every pastor. The case-study approach is compelling. The author credentials are impeccable. The wisdom for ministry is invaluable. When we consider all those suffering from depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, autism, childhood aggression, dementia, and other conditions here discussed, it has significance for every congregation.”

Craig L. Nessan | Wartburg Theological Seminary

"A fascinating and insightful book that draws together theology and professional mental health care together in ways that are creative and deeply illuminating. For pastors who need to understand how to deal effectively and compassionately with mental health issues this is an ideal book."

John Swinton | University of Aberdeen