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Real People, Real Faith: Preaching Biblical Characters

Real People, Real Faith

Preaching Biblical Characters

Cindy Halvorson (Author)


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The characters in Scripture are often portrayed as one-dimensional--as caricatures instead of human beings with real needs, authentic pain, and compelling fears. When their problems are viewed as one-dimensional, so is their faith. Approaching biblical characters in this way can inhibit listeners' ability to hear the biblical witness as relevant to their own lives and can minimize the impact of Scripture on their faith journey.

Real People, Real Faith provides practical tools to portray biblical characters as multidimensional human beings who encountered and journeyed with God. Placing high value on historical, cultural, and scriptural contexts, Cindy Halvorson demonstrates techniques for generating holistic characters, particularly by exploring archetypical human reactions and spiritual longings. She shows how the preacher can use this method to reimagine the biblical characters, present figures with whom listeners relate and empathize, and draw portraits of real people whose relationship with God is in many ways like listeners' own--people with whom they may sojourn and grow.

When listeners are touched by a biblical character's story and shown how their relationship with God was transformed, they too may experience the Divine's love and care for them.

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  • Publication Date February 15, 2022