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How to Read Paul: A Brief Introduction to His Theology, Writings, and World

How to Read Paul

A Brief Introduction to His Theology, Writings, and World

Yung Suk Kim (Author)


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How to Read Paul provides an incisive, yet brief, examination of Paul as a writer and theologian steeped in the cultural, intellectual, and religious crossroads of the ancient world. Through an analysis of Paul's undisputed letters, Yung Suk Kim explores and explains Paul's key theological concepts and situates them in their proper cultural context. By placing Paul in the Jewish, Hellenistic, and Roman worlds that informed his thinking, this book reexamines familiar themes in his letters, such as gospel, righteousness, and faith. In so doing, How to Read Paul provides teachers, students, and interested lay readers with a clear, user-friendly portrait of the apostle, informed by a critical, yet appreciative, integration of the new perspective on Paul, emphasizing the faithfulness of Christ as well as believers' participation in Christ. The first few chapters give an overview of Paul and his letters, while the remaining chapters deal with key theological concepts and their cultural contexts. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter help students focus their reading and reflection on central elements, features, and themes. How to Read Paul is an ideal textbook for both undergraduate and seminary classrooms and a helpful guide for professors, clergy, and lay readers.
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  • Format Paperback
  • ISBN 9781506471440
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  • Pages 172
  • Publication Date April 13, 2021


"How to Read Paul is an important and helpful guide to Paul's practices as theologian, missionary and community organizer. With focused attention on Paul's uncontested letters and the nature of his gospel message, Kim carefully unpacks themes in Paul's letters, such as righteousness, faithfulness, and freedom, through the lens of Paul as a Practical Theologian. Study questions at the end of each chapter make this book a highly useful tool for both introductory and advanced seminary classes on Paul and his letters."

Efrain Agosto, New York Theological Seminary

"A wonderful gift from a prolific scholar and experienced teacher. Addressing seven theological concepts in Paul's letters in relation to Greco-Roman and Jewish texts and contexts (such as faithfulness and freedom), this excellent and accessible textbook is an ideal primer for students who want an updated understanding of 'the new perspective' on Paul."

Tat-siong Benny Liew, College of the Holy Cross

"Deeply informed yet succinct, Kim's How to Read Paul is a robust introduction to the person, legacy, and thinking of the Apostle Paul. It explores the many dimensions of Paul's legacy and work, unpacks the meaning of his message, and offers substantive yet savvy discussion of his most central theological convictions."

Troy Troftgruben, Wartburg Theological Seminary

"In this handy guidebook, Kim writes with passion and clarity about Paul's 'God-centered, Christ-exemplified, and Christian-imitated' gospel. A seasoned teacher, Kim expands the theological conversation surrounding Paul's letters while guiding students deftly and thoughtfully through a survey of the Pauline correspondence."

Carla Swafford Works, Wesley Theological Seminary