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Nigeria's Christian Revolution: The Civil War Revival and Its Pentecostal Progeny (1967-2006)

Nigeria's Christian Revolution

The Civil War Revival and Its Pentecostal Progeny (1967-2006)

Richard Burgess (Author)


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Nigeria has become the arena of one of the most remarkable religious movements of recent times, reflecting the shift in the global center of Christianity from the North to the South. This book tells the story of one sector of this movement, from its roots in the Nigerian civil war to the turn of the new millennium. It describes a revival that occurred among the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria, and the new Pentecostal churches it generated, and documents the changes that have occurred as the movement has responded to global flows and local demands. As such, this book explores the nature of revivalist and Pentecostal experience, but does so against the backdrop of local sociopolitical and economic developments, such as decolonization and civil war, as well as broader processes such as modernization and globalization.
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  • Publication Date December 16, 2020