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The Myth of Christian Supremacy: Restoring Our Democratic Ideals

The Myth of Christian Supremacy

Restoring Our Democratic Ideals

Burton L. Mack (Author)


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The Myth of Christian Supremacy is the culmination of a lifelong scholarly inquiry into Christian history, religion as a social institution, and the role of myth in the history of religions. Mack shows that religions are essentially mythological, and that Christianity has been an ever-changing mythological engine of social formation, from Roman times to its distinct American expression in our time.

Burton Mack explores cultural influence of the Christian myth over the last sixteen hundred years and asks whether religion has anything left to say about the social and cultural issues of the present state of the world.

We stand at a critical impasse, badly splintered by conflicting groups pursuing their own social interests. A binding common myth needs to be established by renewing a truly cohesive national and international story rooted in our democratic and egalitarian origins, committed to freedom, equality, and vital human values.

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  • Publication Date January 25, 2022