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Modern Chinese Theologies: Volume 3: Academic and Diasporic

Modern Chinese Theologies

Volume 3: Academic and Diasporic

Chloë Starr (Editor)


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It is well known that the Chinese church (and therefore Chinese theology) has been divided in the People's Republic of China into "registered" and "unregistered" churches, and that while the state-approved church offers theologies that align with the nation's socialist values, the unregistered or house churches have tended toward an evangelical theology that is now divaricating with the resurgence of denominations in China. What is less well known is that there has been a vibrant third field of Chinese theology: Sino-Christian theology, a contested, academic discourse that makes no claims to be a confessional theology. This theology, fostered by academics in secular Chinese universities, developed in the 1990s and has grown and diversified with the increasing number of scholars researching Christianity in China. This volume offers essays on the message of Chinese Christian art, for example, alongside textual and Christological studies. The phenomenon of Sino-Christian theology, along with debates on its right to exist (if not authored by professing Christians), overlaps with broader debates on the nature of a "Chinese theology" and its unifying features.

The second part of the volume draws together nine essays on theological concerns in the Chinese diaspora. These range from the nature of diasporic experience itself to studies of individual writers, and from fundamentalist beliefs in Singapore to a queer theology academy in Hong Kong. Although Hong Kong is part of mainland China, given its history and the "one country, two systems" policy still in place, several essays on Hong Kong theologians are included here among diasporic writings. Three essays focusing on Taiwanese subjects include reflections on the role of Christian philosophy in the legal thought of John C. H. Wu, a reassessment of homeland theology in light of the nationalist resurgence, and the creative "theology of Yi" based on the Book of Changes, Yijing.

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  • Publication Date May 7, 2024

Table of Contents

Part I: Sino-Christian Theology in the Present

1. Jason Lam, "Sino-Christian Theology: A Peek into the Future--Reflections from a Diasporic Scholar"

2. Li Quan, The Concept of a Transcendent Christ and the Predicament of Chinese Public Theology: A Case Study of Liu Xiaofeng 

3. Liang Chia-Yu, The Hidden Politics the Avoided "Context" of Sino-Theology 

4. Lauren Pfister, Antiphonal Comparative Cultural Readings of the Analects and the Chinese Union Bible: Reflective Appreciations of Shí Héngtán's 石衡潭Masterpiece of 2018

5. Chen Jiushuang, Metaphors and controversy of the Cross: the Phenomenon of Cultural Christian in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art 

6. Naomi Thurston, A Sino-Christian Critique of Contemporary Chinese Art: Zha Changping 查常平's Humanist Criticism

7. Easten Law, Decentering China in Chinese Christianity: A re-evaluation of Sino-Christian Theology in light of Sinophone Studies

Part II: Diasporic Chinese Theologies

8. Hing-Cheong Ho, Enlightening diasporic identity through diasporic experience: diasporic theology in making

9. Joyce Zhao, Church, Mission, and Holy Spirit: Exploring Philip Teng's Pneumatology

10. Hung, Shin-Fung, The Queer Theology Academy: A Praxis Community for Chinese Queer Theologies

11. Han Siyi, trans. Yuhuei Huang, The Borderland Theology of Thomas In-Sing Leung

12. Cheng Mao, The Fulfilment of Humanism in Chinese Law: A Critical Review of John C. H. Wu from the Perspective of Natural Law

13. Liu Ya-chun, A New "Homeland" Theology?--Remembering George Leslie Mackay amid the continued surge of Taiwan's nationalism

14. Cindy Lu, Chow Lien Hua's Theology of Yi 

15. Feng Chengwei, Chinese Theology of Religion and Science: A Case Study of Kang Phee Seng 

16. Joshua Dao Wei Sim, Localising Chinese and American Fundamentalism: Timothy Tow and his Construction of a Separatist Biographical Theology in Singapore