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John's Missional Gospel

John's Missional Gospel

Sung Chan Kwon (Author)


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The author divides the Gospel into four parts: 1:1–2:12 provides a Johannine grand narrative of the missional God as an introduction for the rest of the Gospel; 2:13–12:50 reveals a twofold ministry of Jesus: his encounters with the Jews demolishing the pride of their natural descent and his interactions with individuals, particularly the marginalized, building a new community through those who believe in him; 13:1–17:26 addresses Jesus’s exclusive interaction with his disciples where Jesus explains what is expected of the discipleship community; 18:1–21:25 includes the achievement of Christ through his crucifixion and resurrection. The implications of these readings impact mission, particularly the concept of missio Dei.

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  • Publication Date August 25, 2022