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A Large Catechism: Understanding Church Music in the Lutheran Tradition

A Large Catechism

Understanding Church Music in the Lutheran Tradition

Carl F. Schalk (Author), Paul Westermeyer (Author)


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This "Large Catechism" consists of nine short essays which expand upon each of the basic concepts outlined more briefly in A "Small Catechism": Understanding Church Music in the Lutheran Tradition. This collection is intended for pastors, church musicians, worship committees, and all who are in-terested in better understanding and putting into practice in congregational life the rich tradition of Lutheran worship and church music. These essays do not attempt to answer every possible question which might arise. But it is our hope that they can provide a fruitful basis for continued thoughtful discussion as those new to the Lutheran tradition seek greater understand-ing of the rich heritage which they can rightfully claim. Several basic themes, sometimes implicit and at other times more explicit, undergird the following discussion. Most important among these is that the Gospel--the good news of salvation--remains first and foremost. In a culture in which biblical literacy seems to have reached historic lows, the re-hearsal of the Gospel, centered in the life, death, resurrection, ascension and return of our Lord Jesus Christ must always remain central.

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  • Publication Date March 1, 2020