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  • Return from a Distant Country

    Return from a Distant Country

    Alister E. McGrath (Author)

    The work is a summary of Alister McGrath's vision of Christian theology, focusing on the distinct role of historical theology, the importance of engaging the relation of science and faith, the need for theologians to participate in major public debates, and the significance of theological education.


  • The Word within the Words

    The Word within the Words

    Malcolm Guite (Author)

    In The Word within the Words, Malcom Guite shows how his Christian faith informs and underpins his poetry and, in turn, how poetry itself and, more widely, the poetic imagination help him understand and interpret his faith. It is illustrated throughout with personal stories and poetry, both classics from the cannon and Guite's own poems.


  • The Primacy of Love

    The Primacy of Love

    Ilia Delio (Author)

    In an age of anxiety where reason is deified, what is the role of love? From the cosmological to the theological dimensions of existence, love is the irresistible force of attraction to the heart of God. The book is divided based on a metaphysics of love: we are born out of divine love, exist in love, and are oriented toward love.


  • The Corner of Fourth and Nondual

    The Corner of Fourth and Nondual

    Cynthia Bourgeault (Author)

    Cynthia Bourgeault describes the foundations of her theology: a cosmological seeing with the eye of the heart, Benedictine daily rule informed by wisdom from the Asian traditions. She explains the influence of philosophers built on the cornerstones of the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery, tied by the Trinity as a cosmogonic principle.


  • Spectres of God

    Spectres of God

    Rachel Mann (Author)

    Rachel Mann explains how in our encounters with "the spectres of God," one can have peace with limitation, precariousness, and lack of certainty and still find in divine fragility the hope of the world. Drawing on her experience, Mann explores how God invites us to live in a three-dimensional mystery that subverts the depressing realities of life.


  • Duppy Conqueror

    Duppy Conqueror

    Robert Beckford (Author)

    This book contours Robert Beckford's recontextualization of African American Black and Womanist theologies of liberation. Making the Black British experience a point of departure, Beckford's theological method appropriates two distinct approaches to pursue a contextual theology or a Black theology dub.


  • Spirit Life

    Spirit Life

    Grace Ji-Sun Kim (Author)

    As an Asian-American theologian existing in multiple cultural spheres, Grace Ji-Sun Kim works to disseminate Asian words and religious symbols into mainstream discourse so that we can move toward a nondualistic theology that provides space for the marginalized and the subordinated, paving a path toward liberation and radical demarginalization.


  • Forgiveness and Reparation, the Healing Journey

    Forgiveness and Reparation, the Healing Journey

    Mpho Tutu van Furth (Author)

    Reparations is an element in a process of atonement and restorative justice that sees the need for acknowledgment of the damage done to the enslaved and colonized, healing and restoration of the lost humanity of the perpetrators, and repair of the violated relationships between the human and ecological victims and the human perpetrators.


  • The Audacity of Peace

    The Audacity of Peace

    Scot McKnight (Author)

    Scot McKnight sketches a peace ethic that embodies the self-denial of Jesus to the point of the cross and then vindicated by God. Through God's grace and the indwelling Spirit, the participant in the way of Jesus is transformed. A peace ethic is a lived theology whose discerning witness transcends the specific principles and ideas of that theology.


  • Finding God in the Universe

    Finding God in the Universe

    Guy Consolmagno (Author)

    Finding God in the Universe is the reflection of a Jesuit brother and astronomer, the director of the Vatican Observatory. Br. Guy Consolmagno, SJ, insists that both science and theology are done within a community of fellow seekers where we share the stories that teach us how to explore, and try to make sense of what we think we have found.


  • The Serendipity of Life's Encounters

    The Serendipity of Life's Encounters

    Ann Loades (Author)

    Reflecting on her path to becoming the first woman to be given a personal Chair at the University of Durham, professor emerita of divinity at the same, an honorary professor at the University of St. Andrews, and a CBE for "services to theology," Ann Loades introduces some of the key tenets of her theological thinking.


  • Personal Idealism

    Personal Idealism

    Keith Ward (Author)

    This book is a definitive account of Keith Ward's theology, based on the philosophy of personal idealism. It records his views about God, revelation, the kingdom of God, life after death, the incarnation, atonement, and the Trinity. It discusses the most central Christian doctrines, formed in the light of modern science and Idealist philosophy.


  • Walking with Jesus in Strange Places

    Walking with Jesus in Strange Places

    John Swinton (Author)

    John Swinton's place of formation walking alongside people living with intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges, and dementia has gifted him the opportunity to ask questions that emerge from those who see the world differently. It shaped him as a theologian and raised questions of the nature of faithfulness, discipleship, and community.


  • An Evolving God, An Evolving Purpose, An Evolving World

    An Evolving God, An Evolving Purpose, An Evolving World

    Joan Chittister (Author)

    Modernity must be able to absorb the notion of a cosmic and evolving God. The old notions of who is in charge, who is superior and whose theology is paramount is in a state of flux. Unless, or until, a new vision comes into play, directs our hearts, guides our business, underlies our technology, the world is not ready for the horizon of Newness.


  • Batman Is Jesus

    Batman Is Jesus

    Siku (Author)

    Artist-theologian Siku introduces the concept of Narrative Theology--and the specific subset of Graphic Theology--that informs his unique work and ministry. Through visual language, he demonstrates a contemporary method of engaging with the Bible that resonates with how the Hebrew sages and prophets of pre-antiquity read Scripture.


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